DEKRA webinar

DEKRA webinars

How does it work?

An online seminar (webinar) is an online event that is hosted by an organization and broadcast to a select group of individuals through their computers via the Internet. A great advantage of a webinar is the fact that you don’t have to leave your house or work, in order to attend the seminar. You can decide in which setting you want to participate: work or home and on a laptop or desktop computer. The only thing that you have to do; is to register yourself. 

Take a look at some recent DEKRA webinars:

Medical: Changes to Medical Device Regulations
Medical: update on the IVD Regulations

Products: regulatory updates on chemicals in products 
Medical: update on new European Regulations - Part 3 
Medical: New European Regulations - Part 2
Products: Electronics & software in controls for household and similar use
Products: The 5th edition of the EN/IEC 60335 standard
Medical: New European Regulations - Part 1
Lighting: Zhaga, Exchangeability of LED modules
Components: Optimizing type testing against IEC 61439 series