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  • Make your efforts provable

    The installation and construction sector is changing. Installations are becoming more complex, customer requirements are becoming stricter and regulations surrounding products, processes and machines are constantly changing. Demonstrating that you comply with the relevant laws and regulations through certification and inspection gives you an advantage over the competition. You can show what you consider important. In addition, transparency and trust are becoming increasingly important in a world where intensive cooperation between companies throughout the chain is becoming increasingly normal.

  • Trends and developments

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    Increasing complexity

    Increasing complexity of contracting due to changing industry-wide dynamics

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    Stricter requirements

    Requirements from different players increase focus on safety and sustainability

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    Demonstrated Competencies

    Demonstration of staff competencies gets more emphasis

  • Certification for companies in installation and construction is becoming increasingly important

    DEKRA certifies installation and construction companies according to international and national standards. A certificate makes quality and safety measurable and care demonstrable. In addition, it gives your client the guarantee that you meet the set requirements. A well-designed management system underlines the importance that your organisation attaches to quality and safety. DEKRA works with established international and national guidelines and standards that stand for continuous process improvement and a reduction in safety risks.

    DEKRA is a discussion partner within various sector organisations for the further development of standards together with, for example, scheme managers. We participate in standards committees and are members of several expert bodies within the installation sector. In addition, DEKRA works continuously to develop new services for existing and new target groups. We also work with various sector organisations in the sector, including Uneto-VNI, KvINL, KOMO, Koninklijke NEN.

  • Our Services

    Safety Culture Ladder
    • BRL 6000, BRL 6010, BRL 9500
    ISO 9001
    • BMI (fire alarm systems)
    • OAI (evacuation alarms)
    • SCIOS (combustion plants, electrical plants and resources, criteria for monitoring)
    • BORG (burglary protection)
    • CO2 performance ladder
    • MVO performance ladder
    • BRL 100 (f-gas regulation)
    ISO 14001 (milieumanagement)
    OHSAS 18001 (ARBO)
    ISO 27001 (informatiebeveiliging)
    ISO 50001 (energiemanagement)
    ISO 55001 (asset management)

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    Kevin Klijn

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  • Trainings

    We provide trainings about standards and internal audits. Our practical trainingsessions are developed by our experts in such a way that you are perfectly prepared for the certification process.

    No events are planned at this time. Please check back later.

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    Safety ladder

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    ISO 9001

    ISO 9001
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    ISO 14001

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    OHSAS 18001

    ISO 45001
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    ISO 27001

    ISO 27001

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    Our vision

    We assess how you manage the risks within your organization, enabling you to work in a safer and more conscious manner. DEKRA works everyday to increase safety awareness: in traffic, at work and at home.

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