Management system and process certification

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  • Description of management system certification procedure and process certification procedure

    This document describes the standard procedure for management system certification* and process certification**. It explains the process from request for proposal through to certification. The procedure is slightly different for audits and product certification. For more details about product testing and certification, see

    Our approach           The audit           Identifying and resolving nonconformities

    Flexible process set-up

    On request, it may be possible to adapt the certification procedure in line with your specific situation providing we still comply with the rules that apply to DEKRA as a Notified Body. Besides that, it is possible that deviating rules are defined for certain standards, such as the deadlines for resolving nonconformities. Needless to say, if you have any questions you can always contact us.

    *     As described in ISO 17021, so also safety management systemseerssytemen
    **   As described in ISO 17065

  • Download the management system certification

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