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  • Demonstrating strategic asset management through certification: ISO 55001

    Is it important for you to be able to prove that you are managing your valuable business resources in a responsible and sustainable manner? ISO 55001 provides the tools to help you set up an asset management system. This gives your organization clear insight into which assets are needed to achieve your goals, which investment-related and performance-related risks your organization faces, and also where the opportunities lie. A strategic asset management plan (SAMP) reveals how the assets can add value for your organization. By obtaining ISO 55001 certification, companies demonstrate their focus on quality and continuous improvement. The standard provides key guidelines for the development of proactive asset management.

  • DEKRA helps

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    A more central role for asset management

    Ever-more organizations are realizing the importance of asset management. Since stakeholders expect resilience, including in unforeseen circumstances, it is increasingly important for companies to think about how to offset risks to their assets.

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    Easier and better access to assets

    Risk-based management improves the availability and reliability of assets, enabling them to be utilized more effectively and more often.

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    Member of Dutch asset management platform

    DEKRA is a member of Asset Management Nederland, a Dutch platform that is dedicated to sharing asset management expertise and bringing together professionals in this domain.

  • As the basis for conducting practise-based audits, our auditors have gained extensive knowledge and experience in their chosen fields. They have lots of expertise in capital-intensive sectors including about the relevant rules and regulations, for example, and they are broadly qualified. It is therefore possible to combine the ISO 55001 audit with ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and/or OHSAS 18001 (health and safety), for instance. Moreover, DEKRA is a member of Asset Management Nederland, an organization that is striving to further professionalize asset management in the Netherlands. As part of that membership, DEKRA is also affiliated with the Institute of Management which ensures that DEKRA helps organizations to get maximum benefit out of each audit.

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