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  • A responsible approach to energy: ISO 50001

    The approach to energy has a significant effect on the surroundings. Taking a responsible approach to energy consumption within your organization is better for the environment, good for your reputation and also reduces your energy costs. By improving our energy efficiency, we can minimize our impact on the world around us. This is stimulated by the European Energy Directive (EED): European energy guidelines that must be followed by all organizations with more than 250 employees and an annual turnover of more than €50 million. In the Netherlands, the local environmental authorities check whether companies comply with the EED. ISO 50001 certification enables you to demonstrate that you meet all the EED requirements.

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    The European Energy Directive (EED)

    The European Energy Directive (EED) is a systematic, four-year approach aimed at gathering information about an organization's actual energy consumption. Organizations with more than 250 employees must demonstrate their compliance with the EED.

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    DEKRA is accredited for ISO 50001

    At DEKRA, we are accredited by the German accreditation body, DAkkS.

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    Environmental authorities enforce ISO 50001

    If you work for an environmental authority and you would like to exchange thoughts with our specialists about the impact and enforcement of this standard, we are keen to hear from you.

  • DEKRA helps customers worldwide to achieve ISO 50001 certification. This globally recognized standard allows you to show that you have an effective energy management system in place. This demonstrates to customers and other stakeholders that your organization takes sustainability seriously and that you are energy-conscious. An energy audit by our experienced auditors reveals your current status in terms of your organization’s energy consumption as well as potential areas for improvement.

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