How do you create a Culture of Care?

Care is not just about caring for people; it’s about caring for processes and procedures. It’s about caring for your workplace and the equipment you use on a daily basis. We see safety as an output for which care is the input.

If you care about processes and procedures, you are more likely to follow them and use them appropriately. If you care about the place you work and the equipment you work with, you are more likely to maintain them and ensure you have a safe working environment. If care is present in your organization, the output will be a positive safety culture: a Culture of Care.

Are you ready to try a care assessment of your organization? This survey is based on our Culture of Care framework which was developed not only from our experience but academic research into what creates a positive safety culture.

When answering the questions in the survey, keep a typical day in mind. If you believe you could tick two boxes (or more), consider what is typical or what happens generally, what the majority does, rather than what happens as a 'one off'. NOTE: for the purpose of this survey, a leader is anyone with management or supervisory responsibilities.