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  • DEKRA’s Assessment Services enable you to zoom in on specific key performance indicators within your organization. We work together with you to define parameters relating to aspects such as quality and safety and make them measurable. We conduct one or more objective audits to establish whether the parameters meet the chosen criteria. Our online reporting tool called OpenAssessment gives you full insight into the current situation, and you can take immediate action if we identify a problem.

  • Why DEKRA?

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    Thanks to Assessment Services you can choose which criteria are assessed where, so that you can measure exactly what you want to measure. You select the standard and DEKRA performs the independent check.

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    Experienced auditors

    Our auditors are experts with many years of auditing experience in your sector. We know precisely how standards must be drawn up , how they are made measurable and how they must be assessed.

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    DEKRA audits the situation in line with the standard. You decide yourself how to comply with the standard. This assures you of an independent and professional assessment.

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    90 years of experience

    DEKRA is a knowledge-intensive organization with more than 90 years of experience.

  • Through its Assessment Services, DEKRA offers tailor-made audits and assessments. You decide which solution modules you require in order to gain control of your organizational processes and hence of the quality you provide to your customers. For each solution module, you can choose whether to included it in a project or to exclude it – e.g. if you already have certain expertise in-house, such as your own audit reports or a company policy with measurable criteria. Needless to say, you can also decide to let DEKRA take care of the whole project if you prefer.

  • Over DEKRA

    Our vision

    We assess how you manage the risks within your organization, enabling you to work in a safer and more conscious manner. DEKRA works everyday to increase safety awareness: in traffic, at work and at home.

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